This week Futured presents Amirali, a mind-blowing artist whose undeniable talent did not go unnoticed and Damian Lazarus immediately decided to sign him to his much-praised label Crosstown Rebels. Amirali debut album In Time is an outcome of his musical creativity and excellent production. Every single one of his songs (yes, I really meant refer to them as songs) is veiled in deep mystery; the sound and the vocals are mesmerizing. The album quickly became a hit and Amirali’s career took off like the Challenger. Amirali is currently touring the world as an exclusive live act. In each performance he not is only mixing live, but also singing over his own synthesizers and electronic sounds. Amirali will play LIVE in Boston (JULEP) as a part of his North/South American tour this Thursday September 27 with Tamer Malki from Futured and Life DC’s Mike Fisher.

★ AMIRALI -Live [Crosstown Rebels - My Fav Robot - UK]

★ TAMER MALKI [Futured - BOS]


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience something you have not had a chance to experience before.

Advanced tickets to the event are available now at Resident Advisor.

FUTURED in association with SoundScape presents a super double header featuring Hot Creation’s WiLDKATS all the way from the UK and Innervision’s AGORIA straight from France along with Tamer Malki.

Since the WiLDKATS inception in 2010 their music have caught the attention of the biggest names in the dance music world with support from Hot Natured (Jamie Jones + Lee Foss), Wolf + Lamb, Crosstown Rebels and more. All of which have tried and tested these across some of the globes most proliphic dancefloors from Sonar to Burning Man, Glastonbury and Ibiza’s mecca DC10.

To heat things up even more we have France’s AGORIA in his Boston debut. With massive releases on Innervisions, John Digweed’s Bed Rock Records, Josh Wink’s Ovum Records and Carl Craig’s Planet E.

★ WiLDKATS [Hot Creations//Get Physical - UK]
★ AGORIA [Innervisions//Ovum//InFine - FR]
★ TAMER MALKI [Futured - BOS]

Advanced tickets $10, $15 and $20 at door: TICKETS
Doors open 10 PM
21 + Event

FUTURED presents the Boston debut of one of the world’s hottest house music properties - LAURA JONES with Tamer Malki. 

A protégé under the Visionquest banner and nurtured under the wings of Leftroom, Laura exploded into the public consciousness in 2011 with her deep and intrinsically melodic vision of house. Her breakthrough single ‘Love In Me’ stormed the Beatport chart and held the No.1 spot for several consecutive weeks – the second time courtesy of stellar remixes from Maceo Plex, Kate Simko and Eats 

★ LAURA JONES [Visionquest/Crosstown Rebels/Noir/Leftroom - UK]
★ TAMER MALKI [Futured - BOS]

Advanced tickets: $15 | At the door: $20
Doors open 10 PM
21 + Event

Superfreq - Mr. C [with Tamer Malki on Thur, Sep 6 @Julep]

Mr. C

What could possibly be a better way to kick off a new season in Boston’s nightlife than an incredible party featuring a true legend of the electronic dance music scene Mr. C?

Mr.C is certainly not new to the underground. His impressive biography incorporates various gigs including MCing, nightlife promoting, managing own record label [Plink Plonk] and many more. The list of Mr. C’s musical accomplishments seems to have no end and his career is nowhere near the end. Currently Mr. C is celebrating two different anniversaries: first is the Superfreq 10 year anniversary and the second is the 25 years anniversary of being a dj and a producer.

Mr. C is also known as someone who doesn’t keep his harsh opinions on the leash but always speaks up his mind. Earlier this year Mr. C openly criticized fame-hungry djs for their ever-raising demands. “Mercedes isn’t good enough, where’s the Rolls Royce? This 5 star hotel isn’t good enough, where’s the 6 star? How dare you give me Kettle One Vodka, where’s the Beluga? I’ll tell you why, it’s because they’re insecure fucking idiots that got bullied, had their pencil cases & dinner tickets stolen from them at school, it’s because it’s all about power & attention, it’s because their ego’s are out of control”.

This incredible artist will share decks with Tamer Malki in just about a week from today (on next Thursday, Sep 6 at Julep). Advanced tickets to the event are on sale now.

Laura Jones @ Circoloco at DC-10, Ibiza (19/07/2012) (by Resident Advisor)

Laura Jones has had a rather sharp rise up the DJ ranks. Since falling in love with house and techno during a trip to Ibiza in 2005, she’s worked hard to make a name for herself and finally got her big break last year with one of my favorite tracks of 2011 – ‘Love In Me’. This summer she had her debut at DC10, the club where she first made the life-changing decision to get involved in music, and next month she releases her debut mix CD for her friend Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom label.

See what miss Jones has to say about her past, present and future.

How are you feeling about your debut at DC10 in Ibiza because I know that’s where it all started for you?

I’m a bit nervous, but really excited as well because it’s almost seven years to the day when I was stood on the terrace at DC10 and I went “Do you know what, I actually quite fancy this!”. I’ve always been a lover of music and the penny did literally drop that season – I’d left university and went out there for the season and I was so inspired by everything that I heard. I’d been into so many genres as a teenager and, there, I finally found what I was looking for.

What were you doing as a full-time job?

I was working in marketing part-time when I was at uni, then I went full-time when I graduated. I decided to get involved in the music thing when I came back from Ibiza and they were really understanding, I went to music college on a Monday and worked a Tuesday to Saturday week. It all worked out perfectly, it was only a crash course that I went on… it sounds a bit silly but it was just to learn how to DJ.

So when did you get to the point when you thought you could ditch marketing and do music full-time?

About three years in, I was getting despondent – this is only after DJing sporadically and doing a little bit of producing – after a while you start getting a bit negative and wondering ‘Is this really ever going to happen?’. I had some bad news about my health and found out about an eye condition that I have, so it all took a backseat for a while and wasn’t really a priority. Eventually I got back into the swing of things, just on weekends when I didn’t have anything else to do, I’d made about 13 or 14 tracks and I asked Gav which he thought had the most potential he told me to finish a particular group of tracks, sent them out to Matt Tolfrey and they got snapped up. They did a lot better than anticipated and I started thinking that I might be able to leave, around that time I got made redundant anyway! So everything worked out perfectly, I’m a big believer in fate now.

And how’s your health now?

My health is cool, it’s a degenerative thing so it’s slowly getting worse and I’m gradually losing my sight. But it’s cool, I’ve still got my ears. It holds me back a little bit at times, I think over the coming years there’s going to be a lot of adapting to do if I’m going to continue doing this, but it’s do-able I reckon. Even if it comes to a point where I have to play off a controller that I know like the back of my hand so there aren’t any overwhelming situations in darkened places and I can’t see my way around. There are ways and means around it, it’s not the end of the world. I’m trying to stay positive so…

It can take something like that to make you push yourself more than if you think you’ve got all the time in the world.

Yeah exactly, I do feel a bit like that, I feel like I’m up against more time-wise than your average person. But, while I feel I’m up against it, I take each day as it comes – obviously I want to keep growing and get to a position where I have assistants to help me so I don’t need to find my way around on my own. It sounds strange but the most challenging thing right now is actually finding my way to my hotel room [laughs]. Not finding my way around the DJ booth, just getting my arse to my hotel room. The lighting is quite bad in the lifts and corridors of these nice, swanky hotels. They’re going for the mood lighting when it’s like, “Actually, I can’t see right now”! [Laughs]

Moving on from that, how did ‘Love In Me’ come about?

It was one of the first few tracks I started, purely just a case of trial and error if I’m honest. It’s still like that now, I’m not that far along the curve yet where I’ve found the formula. A lot of DJs/producers get to a stage where they can knock out a tune in a couple of hours because they’ve found that formula… that’s quite cool if you want to have a similar theme among your tracks, but I’m always keen to produce a diverse array of tracks because I’m excited by a diverse array of tracks. ‘Love In Me’ started when I was playing around on the keyboard and the hook of the bassline came along, originally it sat a lot deeper in the mix but it made it all a bit muddy, then I put it a bit higher in the mix and it changed everything and gave everything a bit more space and brought it to life. I’m really pleased with it, I think a lot of people think it’s a load of samples but the beats are my own hits that I’ve looped.

Can you tell me a bit about your mix for Leftroom? I thought it was really coherent from beginning to end.

That’s exactly what I wanted. It was really stressful, obviously being my first one and, I don’t want to bore with the technicalities but it was the licensing. You have a long list of tracks you want to use, then you end up with a list of the ones you can use… plus with the remixes I commissioned, I didn’t know what I was going to get – I had confidence that they’d come up with great stuff, which they did, but it was a challenge in my mind to think, “How the fuck is this going to flow right?”. So I’m pleased that’s your perception, because that’s the goal but it’s not something I necessarily always aim to achieve, it’s just happened, so that’s cool.

Production-wise, I guess it helps having Gav as a partner?

Very much so yeah, we bounce ideas off each other and, also, it’s good to get someone else’s perspective because you can sit in the studio for hours on end banging your head against a brick wall over something thinking it’s a load of shite and then he’ll come in and go, “Nah, that’s actually really good” because he hasn’t heard it before. Similarly he’ll be working on something and I’ll be like, “I’m not so into that, but I like that”. It’s really really helpful, Gavin’s the reason I finished the first few tracks I did because he looked objectively at the ones I had half-done and chose the ones that had the most potential and I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure that out myself.

How did you you two get together?

We actually met in Ibiza as well.

That really is where the magic happens isn’t it!

Yeah it really is! We got introduced by Clive Henry, who’s a mutual friend of ours. It’s a funny story actually, Gavin was DJing at Es Vive and he was coming off the back of a long few days, I was just at the stage where I was getting into the whole thing. I was just out of a long-term relationship and I wasn’t looking for that at all. I was just into the music, being a total keen-o and going up to all the DJs going “What’s this tune? What’s this tune?”, absolutely annoying the hell out of everyone and I went up to him and asked him the name of a track he was playing (it was a Marc Houle track called ‘Has To Do’), later on that night we got chatting together with Clive and started seeing each other around. We became friends and, over time, it just happened naturally.




FUTURED launch party is coming up fast! We’re kicking off our weekly party sessions at Julep on Thursday, September 6, 2012 with a long awaited Mr. C Superfreq’s 10th Anniversary Tour party!

Then, the journey continues every Thursday as you will hear the freshest music by Futured resident and co-Founder Tamer Malki playing alongside with some of the greatest talents of the underground, including: Ibiza veteran - Laura Jones (Sep 13), wild DJ trio - Wildkats, Agoria (Sep 20) and the hottest addition to the Crosstown Rebels’ family - Amirali (Sep 27).

And this is only the beginning…

Stay tuned!

25 years have passed since Mr. C released his first record entitled Page 67. To celebrate such a great musical accomplishment Mr. C mixes his original tracks and remixes, as well as the effects of collaborations with many incredible artists including Eddie Richards, MC Daddy Gee, Adultnapper and many more. This is the first part of a three segment compilation. Enjoy the amazing journey into Mr. C’s world of cutting edge electronic music.

Mr. C (with Tamer Malki) in Boston: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 at JULEP

Advanced tickets available at Resident Advisor

It’s this time of the year again… One more summer has come and passed way too fast…

Luckily for all of us, there is a lot to look forward to in the months to come, thanks to FUTURED MUSIC.

FUTURED is Boston’s channel to the world of forward-thinking underground dance music.

The journey begins on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 at JULEP in Boston’s Financial District with the Superfreq’s 10th Anniversary Tour featuring a tech-house legend – Mr.C with FUTURED’s own Tamer Malki.

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